Over 25 Years of Business Experience!

Some of the Key Topics Covered:

  • The 4 categories of business.
  • How most rich people get rich.
  • Bootstrapped business vs raising money.
  • Partners or no partners?
  • Working at home vs working at an office?
  • Hiring people to work for you.
  • Buying equipment for your business.
  • Long term money management.
  • Business Myths.

Learn from my experience, so you don't have to!

Like all my courses, this one comes from my ACTUAL EXPERIENCE starting, building and running several businesses in different sectors. 


I started my first company when I was 18, with no money and no connections. I was able to reach financial independence after a HUGE amount of trial and error. This course will help you avoid common mistakes, and reach your goals in a fraction of the time.

The 3 elements of business success:
There are 3 basic skill sets you need, to be a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Core business skills

  2. Money management and financial skills

  3. Psychological skills

If you understand and follow these lessons, it’s almost guaranteed you will achieve a level of success that will probably surprise your friends, pets and family members.

Course structure:

Lessons come in video and mp3 format, so you can learn the way you want. I’ve also included a PDF outline of the lessons. Watch or listen to chapters in any order. The lessons follow the following structure for fast learning:

  1. Lesson summary.

  2. The details and story behind the lesson.

  3. Action plan (when it makes sense) - how to use the lesson in the real world.

Enjoy the ride!

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Course Table of Contents

  • Course Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: The 4 categories of business.

    Chapter 2: Ten Business Ideas.

    Chapter 3: How to pick your business.

    Chapter 4: Finding your niche.

    Chapter 5: How most rich people get rich.

    Chapter 6: Bootstrapped business vs raising money.

    Chapter 7: Stef’s Top 3 Business Truths.

    Chapter 8: Partners or no partners?

    Chapter 9: Working at home vs working at an office.

    Chapter 10: Hiring people to work for you.

    Chapter 11: Buying equipment for your business.

    Chapter 12: Business workflows to increase profits and reduce headaches.

    Chapter 13: Long term money management.

    Chapter 14: How to bill clients, how to get paid.

    Chapter 15: Psychology of an entrepreneur.

    Chapter 16: Business Myths.

    Chapter 17: Principles of FYM.

    Chapter 18: Bonus Videos!

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