Why StudioWeb?

Learn job and business ready skills, from an industry professional with over 25 years experience. In a short time, you will gain the knowledge that typically takes years to develop. Not just code, but learn to think and solve problems like a master developer.

Join over 1 million students, including CEOs, CTOs and cofounders of silicon valley funded businesses! That’s why for the last 5 years, StudioWeb has been used by many elite schools in the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools.

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Check out our popular training packages that have everything you need to launch your career or business. Our courses are used in college programs that can easily cost you $10,000 / year! Quality education should be available to everyone!

Complete Web Designer

The Complete Web Designer package contains 3 of our most popular courses: HTML5 Foundations, CSS3 Foundations, and JavaScript Foundations. These three coding languages (working together) are used to create every website in the world.

Complete Web Entrepreneur

The Complete Web Entrepreneur contains BOTH my popular Complete Freelancer and Complete Entrepreneur courses. This training package is designed for coders, who want to learn how to make money with their valuable coding skills.

Complete Web Developer

Lifetime Access to 350+ video lessons (over 40 hours of video) that covers all you need to become a web developer. This includes HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, SQL, MySQL, e-commerce shopping cart with PayPal API, custom CMS, Wordpress.

Beginners Python 3 & Career Paths

Python is one of the most important programming languages used today. Popular in both education and in the professional world, Python is used in Ai, machine learning, web app creation, and so much more.


Choose from a refined collection of real-world courses. You will be writing quality, professional code in record time.

Many StudioWeb students have reported getting a job in just 30 days!! Yes, just 30 days... see the testimonials above. Our courses are refined and updated as required.

HTML5 Foundations

An easy and fun introduction to HTML5 code and the foundations of web design. Beginners HTML is designed with classroom teaching mind

Javascript Foundations

Javascript is the programming language built into every web browser - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and all the others. JavaScript also happens to be the most popular programming language used today.

PHP 7 Foundations

PHP is the most popular server side programming language - over 80% of web apps are powered by PHP including Facebook. PHP's popularity in the real world is derived from its’ ease of use, and because it’s easy to learn.

CSS3 Foundations

Beginners CSS 2015, is our new CSS course specially designed for classroom teaching. Students learn modern CSS through video lessons, code challenges, multiple choice quizzes and real-world take-home projects.

Beginners Python 3

Python is one of the most important programming languages used today. Popular in both education and in the professional world, Python is used in Ai, machine learning, web app creation, and so much more.

Complete Freelancer

Learn how to start a freelance business from scratch. It doesn't get any easier!


Having quality certifications in your resume, can only help you land a job... everyone knows that! Because StudioWeb certifications are tested and verified, they are far more valuable than the all too common ’certificates of completion’.

The top 3 elements of quality certifications:
1.Proper certifications are tested and verified.
2.Valued certifications require you pass a solid exam.
3.Certifications should be verifiable on the Web.

HTML5 Foundations Certification

Description: Succesfully passing the HTML5 Foundations certification exam, will demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of both theoritical and practical HTML5. 

I wrote an entire book to help plan out these courses! You don't need to buy the book to do the courses!

"Build Your Website: Start Here" includes information on:

  • Getting Started in Web Design
  • Building Your First Website
  • CSS and CSS Layouts
  • Building & Styling
  • Forms & Images
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Introduction to jQuery & Bootstrap

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