The Complete Web Entrepreneur contains BOTH my popular Complete Freelancer and Entrepreneur 101 courses. You get both courses with an automatic discount!

About the Freelance course:
This course includes 5 freelance templates and step-by-step lessons about starting and building a freelance business.

About the Entrepreneur course:
The Entrepreneur course, takes it several steps forward, and teaches how to build any type of business safely and quickly.

All the lessons in these courses are based on Stefan’s 30+ years experience as an entrepreneur.

Course Modules

1. Freelancer
Provides specific step-by-step instructions on how to get a freelance business up and running in no time. You can listen (mp3) or watch video, as you are taught the secrets of building a successful freelance business. This is a perfect course for someone who doesn’t know where to start, and is worried about the process. 

2. Entrepreneur: 
The Entrepreneur course will give you the foundational insights and skills on starting and building any business. Whether you go into freelancing, start your own SASS … or a restaurant, this course will open your eyes to the world of business, giving you the confidence you need to become a successful entrepreneur. 

How to get started as a freelancer:

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Course Table of Contents

This course package contains everything in the Complete Freelancer and Complete Entrepreneur. This includes all the videos and templates.
  • Complete FreelancerFree Previews

    • Chapter 2: About Clients
    • Let's learn about clients
    • Chapter 3: Misc Topics
    • Misc Topics Part 1: What can you charge per hour? How do you set the price?
    • Misc Topics Part 2: What are the 3 best ways you can collect payments from clients?
    • Chapter 4: Freelance Templates
    • Intro to the freelance templates
    • Template details - how to use the templates to kickstart your freelance business.
    • Chapter 5: Freelance Project Workflow
    • The Freelance Project Workflow explained in practical terms.
  • Complete EntrepreneurFree Previews

    View Videos
    • Chapter 3: How to pick your business
    • Chapter 4: Finding your niche
    • Chapter 5: How most rich people get rich
    • Chapter 6: Bootstrapped business vs raising money
    • Chapter 7: Stef’s Top 3 Business Truths
    • Chapter 8: Partners or no partners?
    • Chapter 9: Working at home vs working at an office
    • Chapter 10: Hiring people to work for you
    • Chapter 11: Buying equipment for your business
    • Chapter 12: Business workflows to increase profits and reduce headaches
    • Chapter 13: Long term money management
    • Chapter 14: How to bill clients, how to get paid
    • Chapter 15: Psychology of an entrepreneur
    • Chapter 16: Business Myths
    • Chapter 17: Principles of FYM
    • Chapter 18: Bonus Videos

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