Master your Lizard Brain and Master your Life!
A wizard has mastery over themselves, and as such, so much more control over their environment. This is possibly the most important course you will ever take. 

The Lizard Wizard teachings are based on:
  • Cognitive sciences
  • Martial arts
  • Meditation
  • Business experience
Very real, very practical and very powerful information.

This course includes:
  1. About 2 hours of information packed video, that other courses would drag it out over 10hrs! Your lizard brain doesn't have time to waste on filler content!
  2. Complete audio available as mp3 download.
  3. eBook PDF summary of all the lessons. 
The Lizard Wizard has over 20 video lessons that blend the mind blowing concepts, with practical application.

Because the videos are organized into concise lessons, you will have an easy to access reference, when you come back to the course for a refresher. Life long access to the course ... of course! 
Lizard Dating Tips
Why Master your Lizard?
Lizard Power Pose

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Course Table of Contents

  • Course Table of Contents
    • Chapter 1: Lizard Lore One
    1. 1. Introduction
    2. 2. Lizard Learns
    3. 3. Lizard Emotions
    4. 4. Lizard is King
    5. 5. Lizard Brain Gone Wild
    6. 6. Lizard Brain can be Calmed
    7. 7. Lizard Associates
    8. 8. Tribes and Saving Energy
    • Chapter 2: Lizard Lore Two
    1. 1. Database of Association
    2. 2. Biases Transforms Reality
    3. 3. Use Associations to Change Biases
    4. 4. Power Pose
    5. 5. Lizard Dating Skills
    6. 6. Lizard Gut Feelings
    • Chapter 3: Hands-on Lizard Techniques
    1. 7. Default Scripts (powerful influencers)
    2. 8. Why Master the Lizard
    3. 9. Lizard Needs Entertainment
    4. 10. Lizard Hierarchy of Concerns
    5. 11. Lizard Body Control
    6. 12. Lizard Talismans
    7. 13. Changing Attitudes

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