PHP Certification - Build your Resume and test your PHP skills!
PHP is the key programming language of web design and development. Being able to demonstrate a good understanding of PHP, is an esssential aspect of all professional web designers and web developers resumes. 
About the certification exam:
  • The PHP Foundations certifications test your practical and theoritical understanding of PHP and the basics of web design.
  • Your certification exam will be unique, as questions are drawn randomly, from our pool of quiz questions and code challenges.
  • The PHP Foundations certification exam last up to 60 minutes, and has 50 questions.
Learn about the benefits of the StudioWeb Certifications:


I totally credit you guys on getting me started with coding!!

Karen C

I enjoyed the course It was clear and well paced. The examples were by and large good. I have a later version of Wordpress and the template was quite a bit different. Thanks

Peter Coe

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