Wealth is Created by Following Simple Rules
In the Money Mastery course, I've condensed years of hard lessons into short easy to understand videos, that teach the core principles that keep the wealthy rich. 
Following these simple rules will set you on a path of financial freedom. In fact, in a very short period of time, you will feel great about your financial situation and life will just be that much easier.  
Introduction / Summary of the Lessons

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Course Table of Contents

  • Course Table of Contents
    • Chapter 1: Money Basics
    1. 1. Introduction / Course Overview
    2. 2. Pay off Credit Cards
    3. 3. Save Minimum 20%
    4. 4. Buying Assets
    5. 5. The FU Money Principle
    • Chapter 2: Misc Money Strategies
    1. 1. Phone Upgrades - less is best!
    2. 2. Look for Deals!
    3. 3. Never Buy on Impulse.
    4. 4. Buy a Modest Home.
    5. 5. Hold Investments until Retirement.
    6. 6. Make Owning Investments Fun.
    7. 7. Max Out Pension Funds.
    8. 8. Never Buy a New Car.
    9. 9. Understanding Debt.
    10. 10. Conclusion to the course.

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