What's the average Python developers yearly salary in the USA? $118,447

Python is one of the most important programming languages used today. Popular in both education and in the professional world, Python is used in Ai, machine learning, web app creation, and so much more.

Foundation Python 3 & Certification, is our new Python training package specially designed for people new to programming. You will learn modern Python 3 programming through video lessons, code challenges, multiple choice quizzes and real-world projects.

Some of the Python 3 you will learn: variables, tuples, flow control, OO Python, loops, functions, modules, simple game creation, creating new files, reading text files ... and so much more! See below for the table of contents.

Course Modules

Module 1: Python core programming taught in 69 easy to understand video lessons, that teach you both the HOW and the WHY of programming in Python.

Python Career Training Modules:

Module 2: The Python career paths taught in 4 videos, and an 8 page e-book that outlines the pros and cons of each career path. It also provides a step-by-step guide to reaching your Python career goals quickly.

Covers getting a job, becoming a freelancer and creating Python programs for your own business.

Module 3: You learn about the Python specializations, including web developer and Ai programmer, and the supporting skills required to get into each.

Bonus: You learn about more cool resources (free) where you can get help quickly, and learn more about Python. Programmers learn for life, and so it makes sense to learn how to learn more about Python!

About your teacher: Stefan has been programming for over 20 years, has written commercial software in 9 different languages, is a published author, and has been teaching coding since 2003.

Writing your first Python code
Drawing on screen with Python
Python keywords, syntax, statements and expressions

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Course Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Python
    • Introduction
    • Python learning tips
    • Install Python 3.6 on Mac
    • Install Python on Windows
    • Your first Python code!
    • Chapter 2: Data types and variables
    • Data Types: string and int + comments
    • Intro to Variables and Floats
    • Why so many programming languages?
    • Comments and variables - round two!!
    • Variables – behind the scenes
    • Mixing the data types string and int
    • Chapter 3: Learn Python while Drawing
    • Intro to drawing with Python
    • IDEs Explained
    • Python Loops Introduction
    • Python Loops with range()
    • Python drawing with loops
    • Python conditional statements – part 1
    • Python operators
    • Drawing with loops and conditionals – part 1
    • Drawing with loops and conditionals – part 2
    • Chapter 4: Python collections
    • Python history and Philosophy
    • Python List - introduction
    • Python List - reverse and count functions
    • Python List - len function and del
    • Tuples
    • Python Sequences Overview and Review
    • Python Dictionary / Maps continued
    • Python Dictionary / Maps – updating, inserting and deleting
    • Chapter 5: Functions and loops
    • Python PEP 8
    • Input function
    • While loops and infinite loops
    • Nerd words: keywords, syntax, statements, expressions
    • Functions, creating, calling and indents
    • Functions, simple game and flow control
    • Functions, arguments / parameters and return values
    • Function arguments and variable scope
    • Functions – multiple parameters
    • Flow control with elif and else
    • Function in functions and type conversion
    • Chapter 6: Treasure hunt game
    • Treasure Hunt Game – create function skeletons
    • Treasure Hunt Game – docstring
    • Treasure Hunt Game – function returns
    • Treasure Hunt Game – enter_cave function
    • Treasure Hunt Game – main_loop
    • Chapter 7: Python OOP
    • OOP basic concepts
    • Creating our first class
    • OOP - methods and init
    • OOP - tkinter - basic gui and objects
    • OOP - tkinter gui with an image
    • MyDoctor - class skeleton
    • MyDoctor - instantiate the class
    • MyDoctor - nerd class details
    • MyDoctor - docstring and __doc__
    • Why write Object Oriented Python Code?
    • OO - inheritance basics
    • OO overriding __str__ special method
    • Method and function default values
    • Creating and using Modules
    • Chapter 8: Files and Exceptions
    • Opening Files with Python
    • Opening Files - creating functions
    • Opening Files - creating a class
    • Opening Files - exceptions
    • Opening Files - writing files
    • Advanced exceptions / error handling
    • Reading files line by line
    • Searching files - simple line search
      Module 2 and 3: Python Careers
    • Python career options
    • Pros and cons of Python career options

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