web developer average yearly salary in the USA: $70,798
HTML5 is the foundation coding language of every website in the world. Google, Amazon, Reddit … are all created with HTML5. 

HTML5 is the first coding language anyone should learn, because so many high paying jobs are based on HTML5 skills. In fact, many believe that HTML5 is the most IMPORTANT coding language in the world.

StudioWeb’s HTML5 Foundations, is a course that teaches you far more than code: In a short time, you will learn how to build websites, how to write clean professional code, and so much more. 

Instead of spending years (or potentially thousands of dollars) … after completing HTML5 Foundations, you will have a deep understanding of HTML5 code, and the foundations of web design and web programming. 

HTML5 is a key part of the webstack, and the easiest way to get a high paying job, or start a successful freelance business, is with the webstack.

Course Modules

Module 1 (ch1 and 2): The basics of HTML5. You will quickly learn how HTML5 code is written, and more importantly, the concepts behind the code.

Module 2 (ch3 and 4): Build your first web pages and website. A very practical lessons where you learn about the building blocks of a website, something called HTML tags.

Module 3 (ch5+): Dive deep into HTML5 and learn how to add images, text, headings, tables, forms to hold data … and so much more.

Introduction to the course
First look at HTML
HTML and the web pages it creates


Even for a Computer Engineer w/ 30 yrs experience (but no real .css knowledge), I found the tutorial (and experimenting) to provide excellent quick access. For me a picture is a thousand words

Erik R

Your website is so good. Your explanations in ordinary language are very, very helpful to a neo

Glen M

I totally credit you guys on getting me started with coding!!

Karen C

Very good course with alot of informations. Handling of pictures could be more substantial. Sometimes boring repetitions (fileformat, when opening a new picture or design). But in general very satisfactory. A follow-up would be welcome

Scholer Robert

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Course Table of Contents

  • Course Table of Contents
    • Chapter 2: Behind the Pages
    • Breaking down the word 'HTML'
    • HTML tag basics - part 1
    • HTML tag basics - part 2
    • Apps to build websites: text editors, code editors and wysiwyg apps
    • How HTML handles video, audio and images
    • Chapter 3: Build your 1st Web Page
    • Setting up the basic HTML page - part 1
    • Setting up the basic HTML page - part 2
    • HTML tag Rules - part 1
    • HTML tag Rules - part 2
    • Versions of HTML and doctypes
    • Peculiar text behaviour and tag spacing
    • Chapter 4: Build your 1st Web Site
    • What exactly are websites - part 1
    • What exactly are websites - part 2
    • Hyperlinks - part 1
    • HR tags
    • Header tags
    • Tag attributes
    • Hyperlinks - part 2
    • Hyperlinks - part 3
    • Paths
    • Clients vs Servers
    • Root Directory
    • Closing the chapter
    • Chapter 5: The 9 Essential Tags
    • Introduction
    • The break tag
    • Inserting images - part 1
    • Inserting images - part 2
    • Inserting images - part 3
    • Inserting images - part 4
    • Inserting images - part 5
    • Inserting images - part 6
    • Building HTML list - part 1
    • Building HTML list - part 2
    • Text formatting
    • Inline vs block tags
    • HTML comments
    • Domain names
    • Chapter 6: HTML Forms
    • HTML forms - part 1
    • HTML forms - part 2
    • HTML forms - part 3
    • HTML forms - part 4
    • HTML forms - part 5
    • HTML forms - part 6
    • HTML forms - part 7
    • HTML forms - part 8
    • Chapter 7: HTML Tables
    • HTML tables - part 1
    • HTML tables - part 2
    • HTML tables - part 3
    • HTML tables - part 4
    • HTML tables - part 5
    • HTML tables - part 6
    • Chapter 8: Head and Meta Tags
    • The ‘lang’ attribute
    • Meta Tags
    • More about the head

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