PHP developer average yearly salary in the USA: $82,777
PHP is the most popular server side programming language in the world - over 80% of web apps are powered by PHP, including huge sites like Facebook and Wikipedia. PHP is popular because it is easy to learn, and is easy to build amazing web apps with.

PHP is Freelance friendly: 
Did you know about 80% of small business websites use PHP? That means that there is a huge builtin demand for PHP programmers from small business. PHP is simply a freelancer’s paradise of clients and cash! 
… Yes, PHP is used in many established businesses, where you can land a great job writing PHP code. But if you ever want to explore freelance web development, PHP is your Infiniti stone of wisdom and power! 
StudioWeb’s PHP7 Foundations course, will quickly teach you what you need to feel confident writing PHP code. With this solid foundation, you will understand PHP, the PHP landscape and how PHP fits into the pro developer world. 

Course Modules

Module 1 (ch1 - 5): The core PHP7 language - both code and concepts. You will quickly learn how to read and write PHP code, and more importantly, the concepts behind the code.

Module 2 (ch6+): Now that you know the core language, we can dive deep into practical PHP, where you will learn how PHP is used to control process forms, control user logins process lots of data using loops etc...

By the end of the course, you will feel confident with PHP, ready to start writing PHP code professionally.

Basic Programming Concepts - part 1
Basic Programming Concepts - part 2


Even for a Computer Engineer w/ 30 yrs experience (but no real .css knowledge), I found the tutorial (and experimenting) to provide excellent quick access. For me a picture is a thousand words

Erik R

I'm real happy that I took the Web Design course at Killersites. As a beginner, I didn't know really where to start. After almost having completed the course, I have learned pratical skills and understanding of what's webbuilding is about. The way it is presented is great. Thanks a lot.

Hans Knapp

Your website is so good. Your explanations in ordinary language are very, very helpful to a neo

Glen M

My name is William. I've just started my own webcomics site. I thought it was going to be easy but for me it's been more of a challenge then I thought. I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you. I knew nothing at all before I came upon your site but know I'm doing OK not an expert by any means but your site got me up and going enough to understand what I was doing instead of just shooting in the dark. Again thank you so much for your great site.


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Course Table of Contents

  • Course Table of Contents
    • Chapter 2: Your First PHP Code
    • Your first PHP code - part 1
    • Your first PHP code - part 2
    • Your first PHP code - part 3
    • Chapter 3: Variables
    • Variables - part 1
    • Variables - part 2
    • Variables - part 3
    • Variables - part 4
    • Variables - part 5
    • Chapter 4: Includes
    • Includes - part 1
    • Includes - part 2
    • Includes - part 3
    • Chapter 5: Arrays
    • Arrays - part 1
    • Arrays - part 2
    • Arrays - part 3
    • Chapter 6: Processing HTML Forms
    • Processing forms - part 1
    • Processing forms - part 2
    • Processing forms - part 3
    • Processing forms - part 4
    • Processing forms - part 5
    • Chapter 7: Conditional Statements
    • Conditional Statements - part 1
    • Conditional Statements - part 2
    • Conditional Statements - part 3
    • Conditional Statements - part 4
    • Conditional Statements - part 5
    • Chapter 8: Functions
    • PHP Functions: Part 1
    • PHP Functions: Part 2
    • PHP Functions: Part 3
    • PHP Functions: Part 4
    • PHP Functions: Part 5
    • Chapter 9: Loops
    • PHP loops: part 1
    • PHP loops: part 2
    • PHP loops: part 3
    • Chapter 10: Custom Functions
    • Custom PHP functions: part 1
    • Custom PHP functions: part 2
    • Custom PHP functions: part 3
    • Custom PHP functions: part 4
    • Custom PHP functions: part 5
    • Chapter 11: Sessions
    • PHP Sessions: part 1
    • PHP Sessions: part 2
    • PHP Sessions: part 3
    • PHP Sessions: part 3
    • PHP Sessions: part 4
    • Chapter 12: Advanced PHP
    • Login Form - 1
    • Login Form - 2
    • Login Form - 3
    • Login Form - 4
    • Login Form - 5
    • Advanced PHP - part 1
    • Advanced PHP - part 2

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